Thanks to the BeachesMLS you and your listings are now GLOBAL!

In partnership with Immobel, your listings are already live on in 18 languages

"Why does this matter to my business?"

Have you ever considered how an International buyer searches for property in your local market?
Just like U.S. consumers, 97% of them start their search online.
And, just like U.S. consumers, they search on their favorite search engine, in their own language.

"Is this a big deal?"

It might surprise you to learn that today, only 28% of all users online are searching in English.
All of the rest, 72% of international buyers, are searching in other languages..........
making your listings all but invisible to those valuable prospects.
That could definitely cost you a big deal!

But no more! Your listings are ALREADY online in 18 languages on
This means that more than 91% of all prospects world wide can easily find your listings and connect to you!

"And how am I Global?"

Thanks for asking! First, log in to and create your professional profile. Enter your MLS ID# to associate your listings to your profile.
This instantly creates your Global E-Business brochure in 18 languages to use in your blog, social media or email signature. Your profile in the Global Agent Directory will also be instantly created in 18 languages, and your listings will be kept fresh and current. Consumers on Real-Buzz can connect with you. And referral minded professionals from around the world can also connect with you.
Yes, this is all included in your free member benefit. You have Bronze level, and that unlocks EVERYTHING on Real-Buzz.

"Is there anything to buy?"

Yes, if you like. Through Real-Buzz you can purchase multi language IDX to use on your own website, making it visible on search engines world wide. Visit your "My Products" tab in Real-Buzz once you create your Professional Profile to learn more.