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Immobel powers your seamless global presence

You told us what you want and Immobel delivered!

Prospects and leads:

Through Real-Buzz, The Real Estate Network, you connect with consumers in real time, as they are viewing listings right in your market. Network with them, connect through groups, answer questions in discussions and forums. Make best use of your local expertise and professional experience to transform contacts into clients.

Global marketing for your listings:

18 language Global IDX listings put the foreign language content on your website necessary to attract international search engines, making you visible to 91% of viewer traffic worldwide. With Immobel, you have global marketing that will impress sellers, yet will not make a dent in your marketing budget.

Referral connections:

In Real-Buzz and through the secure Global Referral Network, you have the platform you need, not only to network but benefit from those contacts through actual referrals and closed sales.

Global social media tools:

Over 300 million Facebook users never access Facebook in English. Don't leave these prospects out of your social media coverage! Connect with more buyers using Immobel 18 language Facebook IDX Apps.