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GLEX (The Global Listing Exchange)

GLEX. The Global Listing Exchange.

IDX but for your global brand, in 19 languages

GLEX creates a single listings feed for your entire brand. We import the listings from every franchisee, broker or member around the world, translate them, and syndicate them on to any brand approved website.

Powered by >>Xomio<< or by the >>Immobel API<<, GLEX truns a brokerage brand into a collaborative referral powerhouse.

Century 21 GLEX =
300k listings + from 80 countries

More languages, more listings, more leads.

GLEX monetizes the reach of the entire brand

GLEX instantly converts any brand member site into a multi language, global real estate portal

Every listing from your entire brand global inventory is branded to the website owner

Anyone viewing any listing on your site, in any market, displayed in any language, can register as a lead

Out of market leads convert into referrals in your brand network, monetizing the global footprint of the brand

Global listings, beautifully displayed

Many of the biggest names in real estate rely on us for our web design skills, because we understand how to make listings shine online

Choose from a range of beautiful designs with clean, modern listings and photo presentation

Listings data is organized on the page thematically, for a clearer consumer experience

Advanced client features give users the ability to find, save and share their ideal property, all from your site

Listing page in EnglishListing page in RussianListing page in FrenchListing page in ChineseListing page in Spanish

GLEX lets your members put your listings to work

Being part of a big franchise brand means more than just the name above the door.

Give your members a way to access and increase the brand’s global footprint of listings.

Global footprint

GLEX converts every franchisee site into a global listings portal

Increased visibility

Every franchisee site becomes a co-marketing tool for every single listing in the brand’s inventory

Fair housing & accessibility

Treat every market like a community, with listings in the languages that consumers speak at home

Partner with us!

Generate revenues from GLEX sales to your franchisees, and watch as referral commissions increase