MLS Organizations and Realtor Associations can now add value to their members and earn income to further their organizational goals by partnering with Immobel.

Our Immobel-powered multi-language listings public property search sites are reached by potential buyers all over the globe in 18 different languages. Your members will be able to enhance their websites with Immobel's advanced international marketing tools. Each of their listings will be available, detailed in each and every language and will contain a direct link to the agent or broker's home page.

What Immobel Provides

Immobel does all data management, translation and daily uploads. Your organization simply provides a data link or other agreed method for data transfer that is capable of daily incremental updates and digital maps for use in displaying the listings' locations. You do not need to change vendors or make any changes to your MLS data systems.

A Variety of Packages are Available

Packages are available that range from offering multi-language services for member websites to complete 18-language* IDX websites showing all listings in IDX format. Websites range from simple, personal sites to small office sites to full corporate sites.

With any Immobel package, members will have their listing displayed at no charge on the Global Real Estate Portal, which attracts visitors to view US real estate in other languages and servers as a valuable feed of new business back to your members. All contact listing information on listings is always directed to the listing Realtor.

*Our 18 languages are English, Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (European), Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (European), French (Canadian), French (European), Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified)

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