Why do some brokers have all the luck when it comes to capturing the trophy listings? High-end sellers want the best exposure and top dollar for their homes.

In order for you to gain those trophy listings, you must prove that you understand the importance of global exposure and show how effective marketing on an international level is pertinent is gaining the most exposure and highest values for their home.

International transactions are rapidly contributing to the expansion of the U.S. Real Estate Market.

NAR estimated that a volume of $68.2 billion came from foreign buyers in 2013. 84% of those International buyers paid with cash and the average purchase price was nearly double that of domestic transactions.

With Immobel, you can assure high-end sellers that their properties will be visible

to this International pool of buyers in their own native languages. As a result, far more potential international buyers will be exposed to your listings. More exposure always ensures better results!

Providing multi-language, international exposure proves to the seller that he/she is working with a brand that is innovative and top of cutting edge trends.