What is the difference between a truly "Globalized" website and a website available online in English language only?

About a Billion prospects.

What are these international prospects who will see you globalized website?

They are prospects who are more likely to pay all cash - Prospects who are likely to spend more than the average local buyer. Most importantly, they are prospects who may never find you unless your website appears in the search results on their local search engines.

Ever notice that when you search online, you do not see Chinese language websites in your search results?

This is not because there are no Chinese language websites. In fact, there are more Chinese language websites than English language websites online today.

The reason you do not see Chinese language websites when you search on or any other international search engine is because if you are performing your search in English on an English language search engine, then all other language content is deemed to be irrelevant to you, and those websites will not be offered in the search results.

Imagine you are an international buyer.

You are sitting at home in Paris, you visit and you ask a question about a house for sale in Sarasota, Florida. There is certainly nothing unusual about that scenario. Right?

However, this French searcher is not going to use the words "house for sale". They will instead use "maison a vendre Sarasota Floride" and most likely they will use other French terms specific their search. At this point, what do you think the odds are of your website ever being found by this prospect?

Go ahead and give it a try (insert your own market for Sarasota and Florida)

Unless you have taken active steps to make your website accessible in French, your odds of appearing in those results are about zero.

Going for the gold? Immobel offers all of the above global SEO features and more.

Advanced SEO features can include placing each language on the most relevant Top Level Domain ( for German, for example) submitting full site maps in each language for relevant search engines, translated < alt > tags on images, and carefully chosen on-page text about attractions in your local market.

Want to know more? Call Immobel today and let us show you how easily and affordable it can be to globalize your business! We would love to tell you all about it! (800)448-2546