How does your website rank in international searches from potential buyers searching for properties in your market in a language other than English?

Let's talk search engine optimization, or SEO for short. SEO is a method for increasing the visibility of your website in online search results.

Having a website is an excellent start.

But you need to be able to attract visitors to your website. A search engine will look for specific content in a search and match them to a website containing that content. In real estate, those phrases will likely be related to details of a home listed in a specific location. An international search engine will look for words in the same way, but it will look for those words in the language being used by the person doing the search. If your website does not include any words from that language, it does not exist for them. There are many international search engines out there. Google alone has ones for every major language spoken today.

Immobel provides your IDX market listings in 18 different languages

This increases your potential audience to over 90 percent of total internet users. You will get more people to visit your website. And by having your listing available in a visitor's preferred language, they will stay on your site, increasing your odds of success.

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